Our approach to treatment is truly unique in that we do not find it necessary to put all drug dependency into the category of a disease.

Not all of our patients are afflicted with the disease of addiction nor are do all people relief in traditional treatment centers

Psychedelic Assisted Treatment is changing the landscape of Addiction Medicine and through evidence based research, Ibogaine detox protocols are leading the charge to change

We will help you overcome addiction and leave it in the past. Our experienced team, of doctors and clinicians believe wholeheartedly in our mission to use ibogaine to detox our patients because it is what works best at transforming the lives of our patients., 

Rock Balancing

Does the fear of a long painful protracted withdrawal keep you from seeking treatment?

What about those of you that only took your medication as prescribed and still found your body physically addicted?

Ibogaine will eliminate 97% your withdrawals and allow you to get back to your live free of any obsession to use again.