Ibogaine Relief Center

Ibogaine Relief Center:

Ibogaine Relief Centers offers the world’s leading addictions treatment for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone, and other prescription opiates. Ibogaine treatment is known for its unique ability to eliminate withdrawal symptoms instantly as well as cravings thereafter. This advanced Ibogaine treatment gets to the root of the obsession by resetting the neurotransmitters in your brain that serve the addiction, back to your normal state of functioning.


Our Philosophy:
Addiction is not caused by the addictive substance but rather a former chemical imbalance in your brain chemistry. Chemical imbalances can be caused from a variety of reasons such as: biology, environment, stress, trauma, substance use, etc. The heart of addictions recovery is to rewire the imbalances in your brain so you are free to change and grow. Traditional approaches to addictions treatment focus on changing the behavior associated with the addiction, which until the internal addiction is eliminated, is limited in its approach. Whereas traditional 12-step programs are based on a lifelong label of addiction, IRC believes addiction is 100% treatable.

Our Mission:
Is to be the last place you ever have to go to get help with your addiction issues. To provide you with a holistic approach based in evidence and to do so in the safest, most kind and compassionate way possible


The IRC is to provide a safe and easy method of detoxification, to eliminate withdrawal symptoms, to rewire brain receptors and the neurotransmitters that serve the addiction, to reset and stabilize normal brain functioning, to eliminate the obsession, compulsion, and cravings underlying addiction, and to put a personal development plan into place to ensure a complete and permanent transition.


Benefits of World’s #1 Ibogaine Treatment Center:

  • We offer private oceanfront Ibogaine treatment at our luxury treatment facility

  • We offer safe and comfortable Ibogaine treatment with 24/7 on-site support

  • We employ a fully licensed medical team specializing in Ibogaine treatment

  • We have Advanced Cardiac Life Support

  • We eliminate 95% of the painful withdrawal symptoms of detox

  • We provide daily exercises and activities on personal development

  • We provide a delicious plant based whole foods menu and we suggest that you allow us to feed you a vegan diet while you are here because ibogaine interacts poorly with meat

  • We treat a limited number of people at one time and we never dose patients on the same day

  • We are 100% invested in each patient’s recovery

  • We offer additional therapy and education through our partnership with various After Care providers thru-out the United States

Is Ibogaine Treatment The Right Choice for You?
Our Ibogaine treatments are primarily used for addictions recovery; however, many people go through our Ibogaine treatment for the enlightening and transformational experience. Our Ibogaine treatments

are used to eliminate the obsession, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings associated with addiction without having to commit to traditional approaches that treat addiction as a lifelong recovery process. The Ibogaine experience frees you of addiction in one week and offers continuing care to maximize your success and promote your growth in all areas of development thereafter.

Our Ibogaine and treatment specialists believe you have the power to overcome your addiction, and furthermore that your addiction does not make you weak or any less of a person. The chemical imbalances that lead to addiction are very serious, and we understand they are not intentional. It is very important to remember there is nothing to be ashamed of – your addiction does not define who you really are. We offer you our advanced Ibogaine treatment and therapy as a safe and comfortable transition from the world of addiction to the world of sobriety, stability, and continued success.

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